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    Project Name:

  • Polyester Polymerization Lines , Polyester chip plant,Polyester production plant , Polycondensation plant (Polytex tech,Polytex Design)
  • Main Raw Material: PTA(Pure Terephthalic Acid) and MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol) OR DMT(Dimethyl terephthalate) and MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol)
    Project Description:

  • PET batch type,PTA or DMT based (BP)(Single line:2TPD~100TPD)
  • PET continuous polymerization,PTA based (CP)(Single line:20TPD~1000TPD)
  • Mult-Function continuous polymerization,PTA or DMT based (M-CP)(Single line:15TPD~300TPD)
    Polyester batch type (Polytex tech,Polytex Design) (Batch-poly Single line:2TPD~100TPD):
  • EG distribution system
  • Paste preparation system
  • Esterification system
  • Polycondensation system
  • Chip cutting and packing system
  • TiO2/SiO2 Preparation System
  • Filter cleaning system
  • EG recovery system
  • Other Additative (Including SIPE/SIPA)Preparation System
  • Thermal Fluid system
    Specification and Advantage:
  • Paste preparation system can be used for preparing material of modified PET, catalyst and additive can be fed in low temperature.
  • Esterification in the low-temperature normal temperature or under continuous feed, easy to control, safe and reliable
  • The Pre-poly reactor is for modified PET products. It's easy for changing product, and the reactor should not be cleaned to avoid the material waste caused by system start and stop. Pre-poly reaction can be finished to improve the product capacity.
  • EG vacuum system will not generate the waste water.

    Apply to Bright chips,Alkali-dissolved chips, CDP, Semi-dull, Full- dull, Antistatic, Anti-pilling, Far infrared, Antibiosis, Film grade, Bottle grade and other fields.

    Polyester continuous polymerization (Polytex tech,Polytex Design)(CP Single line:20TPD~1000TPD):
  • EG distribution system
  • Paste preparation system
  • Esterifing reaction system
  • Prepolycondensation reaction system
  • Pre-polymerize filter system
  • Final polycondensation reaction system(DRR)
  • Melt filteration and distribution system
  • Chip cutting,conveying and packing system
  • TiO2/SIPA/SIPE/SiO2/Toner/.. preparation system
  • Catalyst preparation system
  • Energy saving system
  • Thermal Fluid system
  • DCS
  • finisker
    Specification and Advantage:
  • Low temperature, low mol-ratio, tender reaction
  • Most reasonable Residence time distribution
  • Most reasonable plug-flow effect to keep the material even on different period
  • Low material and public utility consumption, excellent economical
  • Own Know-how and Manufacturing
  • Low DEG and oligmer content
  • Melt with excellent flowing ability and spinnablity
  • Comprehensive running costs are highly competitive

    Single line:20T/D~1000T/D,Since 2002,Polytex has successfully launched a lot of different grades of CP projects.
    Widely used in textile (Direct melt spinning/staple fiber/non-woven, etc.,), Film grade, Bottle grade, Industrial yarn and other industries .

    Mult-Function continuous polymerization(Polytex tech,Polytex Design)(M-CP Single line:15TPD~300TPD):
  • ECDP,CDP,PETG,Water-soluble,low-melting and other special CP production lines have successfully run in the world.
  • Different products can be produced, and the loss for changing product is less
  • Unique process technology, perfect combination of batch and continuous process
  • Output can be adjusted by the requirements, range: 50%-130%
  • Stable product quality, even polyester melt, decrease intermediate steps
  • Reliable automation control, not only assure the product quality, but also easily operation
  • With excellent performance and price ratio, low investment, high respond
  • Suitable for direct spinning/Non-woven..

    Single line:15T/D~300T/D
    Apply to Bright chips,Alkali-dissolved chips,ECDP(Easy Cation-Dyeable Polyester),CDP,Semi-dull,Full- dull,Antistatic,Anti-pilling,Far infrared, Antibiosis,Film grade,Bottle grade,Directly spinning fiber, Staple fiber,Film,SSP and other fields.

  • The polyester CP undertaken by POLYTEX can be operated for a long time under a load of 65% to 130%. It has the advantages of low temperature, low energy consumption, low molar ratio, flexibility, and functionality.
  • Safe, stable and easy to control are the main features of the POLYTEX project.
  • Integrated production costs very competitive advantage for our customers in the market competition in the industry and be able to obtain long-term advantage.
  • Performance for many potential customers reference, including: polyester bottle grade, film grade polyester, polyester fiber grade polyester and other specialty products, welcome customers to visit polytex.